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Page history last edited by Liz Langan 12 years, 4 months ago

LCCC and the Web Wiki

A wiki to examine aspects of the internet and how they can be used by Lorain County Community College students, faculty, staff and administration - as well as anyone else interested!


Note: Some of these pages have been deliberately created as stubs (incomplete) as it will be part of class assignments to complete them.


If interested in becoming a writer for this wiki, whether an LCCC student or not, email Mike Zellers


What is a Wiki

View this short and entertaining video clip that describes the benefits of using Wikis.


The internet has changed the world and the internet itself has been changing at breathtaking speed. Many of the recent developments on the internet have been labelled by many as Web 2.0


Of course, as the Internet allows for amazing opportunities, a number of issues have emerged of which any Internet user needs to be aware.


Here are some resources that are available.


Google is one of the organizations spearheading the Web 2.0 revolution.  Their development area is worth checking out.


 A vision of students of today



Comments (3)

timcsuti said

at 1:52 pm on Sep 20, 2008

Google has attempted to make a one stop shopping experience for surfing. From a simple search engine, Google has made great advances in web search and utilization. Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin first started the search engine in 1981 from their dorm rooms. Google is now widely recognized by many users as the "world's best search engine". Google's technology serves the company's mission of "organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful."
Google Graduates are projects that have made it past the test phase and are in use on the internet now. Here are just some to preview:
Get step-by-step transit directions; find transit stops in your area, view station information & schedules
Free Google Phone Directory Service: Dial 1-800-GOOG-411, Select Location, Connect, and Done!
Get news & blogs with Google reader. Stay up to date, share with your friends, use it anywhere: 4FREE!
Clip and collect objects and text as you surf the web.
Create and share your work online Upload from and save to your desktop
YouTube and other web video content provided by Google
Allows you to create your own free homepage with g-mail
Get maps and directions to any desired location by simply typing in the address.
Provides simple ways to broadly search for scholarly literature
Services of Google right on the desktop! It’s convenient and quick access to information without clicking on a browser.
Get email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic.
Still not convinced?
Click on the link and try watching and using some of the demos, provided by Google!
Google Reader
GOOG 411
Google Transit
Happy Surfing!

Arin Bruening said

at 1:53 pm on Sep 20, 2008

The evolution of the web has spurred the growth of many innovative features that change the way we use the internet. Specifically, Google has developed many features to evolve itself into more than just a basic search engine. Several of these features offer great advantages for students, incorporated into a user-friendly interface.
Three of the features currently in Google’s testing phase that could prove very beneficial for students are Google Ride Finder, Google Audio Indexing (GAudi), and Experimental Search.
Google Ride Finder finds transportation via taxi, limo, or shuttles and allows a user to type in their location, to find real time positions of these transportation options. The Ride Finder tool could be valuable for students that don’t have their own vehicle, making it easy to find transportation to school, the library, work, etc. Including public & college transportation options and carpools, and increasing the number of cities that the service is available to can make the tool more user friendly.
The Google Audio Indexing tool provides speech-to-text for videos posted on YouTube. As college coursework progresses further into the web arena, this feature can be used by students to increase learning. Using the text to summarize class lectures makes it easy to emphasize important topics for studying. This is especially practical if a student misses a class, if a professor’s speech is hard to understand, or if a lecture is very complex. Current limitations of the service are that full text of a video is not available, and only videos on YouTube are supported. Also, no instructions are included and a save feature would make compiling notes much easier.
Experimental Search offers enhanced search results that can be arranged by timeline, on a map, or by other methods. This search feature can be especially useful for research papers by providing trustworthy, focused results.
With further development, these tools can prove invaluable to students.

Ryan Schoolcraft said

at 2:03 pm on Sep 20, 2008

According to the gimpshop website, open source software must be readable by humans and allows derivative works to be made from it without royalties. Open source software must comply with ten (10) criteria in order to be considered “open-source”.
1. Free Redistribution
2. Source Code
3. Derived Works
4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code
5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor
7. Distribution of License
8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product
9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software
10. License Must Be Technology-Neutral

There are numerous open source software available via the Internet. Mozilla Firefox for web browsing, Mozilla Thunderbird for email, Gimpshop for photo editing, I Tunes for music downloads, Google Earth for map creation, HTML/Text Editing for website editing, and McAfee for virus protection.
Open source software will provide quality software products to millions of users who otherwise would not be able to afford these products.

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